Guitarplayer and composer Michiel Stekelenburg is no unknown in dutch modern jazzscene.
In 2011 he released his debut album Hypnos, which was followed up by “Layers”, an album that entered as number one on the iTunes Jazzlist.
Not only his warm guitarsound but also his compositions make Michiel stand out.
Dutch magazine “Gitarist” compliments him by describing his music as ‘a joy to listen to ,
well thought through pieces which wouldn’t be misplaced on a recording of let’s say Michael Brecker. 
The American  ‘All About Jazz’  writes: ‘An excellent, varied set of contemporary jazz. Stekelenburg shines as composer and guitarist, and his fine band never fails to deliver. We look forward to hearing more from them.’
Both albums got Michiel to be invited at the North Sea Jazz, as well as the television show VPRO-programma Vrije Geluiden. With renowned hammondorgan (and bass pedals) player Arno Krijger and drummer Jasper van Hulten, Stekelenburg has now touched the surface again and is proud to present new tunes, new musicians and a new album released by ZenneZ Records
The traditional setting guitar-organ-drums shouldn’t be mistaken for traditional music.  Although the specific organsound is still there, in combination with energetic drums and raw but warm guitar sounds, this trio finds its way in modern, dynamic and spherical compositions. Modern composed music meets raw energy!
pics by Joke Schot
Michiel Stekelenburg – guitar
Arno Krijger – Hammondorgan and basspedals
Jasper van Hulten – drums