Trio Toine Thys

Toine Thys Trio (De Cloedt) HD Belgian saxophonist Toine Thys presents his partly new group, the TOINE THYS TRIO.  The rhythm section is made of two of the best european jazz musicians: Hammond Organist Arno Krijger and on drums Antoine Pierre, (Philip Catherine…).  In this new    trio, Toine Thys brings an intense and energetic, yet joyfull music.
Their first CD, “The End Of Certainty” came out in the fall of  2010 on Bartok Records, and was warmly welcomed by Jazz lovers and musical critics. As a leader as well as sideman, through the years Toine became a key figure of Jazz and improvised music of Belgium and Europe. In the many groups he is leading or playing with, Toine is appreciated for his stage performances, as well as his impressive composition input. Together with organist Arno Krijger, and talented drummer Antoine Pierre, they play originals of Thys exclusively, bringing further the sound spectrum of this type of line up. Hammond organ, surprising as this instrument is, brings warmth and massa to the band sound. Krijger is one of the few Hammond player playing melodies on the keyboard as well as basslines with the feet. He is on his own the keyboard player, and the bassplayer of the group. He is considered as one of the best european musician on this versatile instrument. The Hammond Organ sound blends perfectly with the saxophones improvisations, the complicity is obvious. On several tracks, Toine Thys soulful bassclarinet sound brings mystery and fragility to this robust trio. In february 2014 a new recording has been taped. Its a fact – Toine Thys is still going strong.

Toine Thys : tenor, soprano saxophones, bassclarinet, compositions
Arno Krijger :  Hammond organ and pedals
Antoine Pierre : drums