Nostalgia-Nils Wogram

page11-trio-nostalgiaThe idea for the nostalgia trio slept in Nils Wogram for many many years. It all began from his love for extraordinary trios with the Hammond organ from the numerous sessions in Harlem during his time in New York. And this third CD of the trio, founded in 2004, is the real thing. The band just plays around with the fat grooves.

The opening piece already invites the funky neighbor to a dance party. But Wogram would not be Wogram if he didn’t also rely on unconventional beats (“Friday the 13th”), reggae and pop arithmetic shimmering with melodica (“Swing ‘em Home”), stomping analog fake electronic beats (“Copenhagen”) and epic melody and harmony arcs (“Fundamentals”), in addition to the obligatory syncopated 4/4 trips through time. Yet, in spite of all forward pressing, swinging powers (“Sturm & Drang,” “Now”), the CD remains a warm drug that penetrates  deep into the heart à la Lenny Kravitz (“Country Rain”), which is addictive, but, thank god, doesn’t make one dependent.

23 Jul
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