Come to see us!
Date : 28 / Aug / 2020
Time : 20:00
Address : konzertpavillion im palmengarten

Nils Wogram Nostalgia

Bayreuth, Seebuhne wilhelmineaue

N i l s   W o g r a m   : Trombone and composition:

D e j a n   T e r z i c  :  Drums

A r n o   K r i j g e r  :  Hammondorgan & pedals

originally formed as a bebop organ trio we developed our own sound over the last ten years. we use elements from the jazz and other music traditions and transform it into something new. from the past into the future thats what nostalgia is about.

Nostalgia5WEB_byUllaCBinder_3486picture by Ulla C. Binder